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Breaking Point - Supporting your employees through their biggest family care and Mental Health Issues

    April 8, 2021

    COVID-19 era has brought to light and exacerbated the stress of trying to balance your employees work and home responsibilities.  The level of difficulty increased immeasurably for some in 2020 when remote working became the norm and for many who also had to manage distance learners, aging parents, children with disabilities and/or the sudden loss of daycare services. 

    The St Patrick's Day Networking event was a panel consisting of the founder of (daycare and nanny services network), the Chief Services Officer from Cariloop (a child and senior care resource platform for employers and individuals), the Co-Founder of Special X (Special X connects you with guidance, expertise, and other families with children with disabilities.with needs so you can be confident  you’re doing everything you can for your child.) and VP Partnerships at Lyra (access to high quality mental health resources).

    Watch the Video replay below

    Here is the deck for the presentation including the mental health report from Lyra as well as a survey from UrbanSitter that supports the conversation.