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October Networking Event Video Recording - Re-imagining the Future Workforce

    November 4, 2020

    Re-imagining the Future Workforce

    Oct. 21, 2020

    In this session, Jennifer Green, Managing Principal Consultant, Green Global Resources, Martin Jessen, People Strategy & Transformation Advisor, Better Orgs by Design and Charles Mah, VP Global Talent, Data Bricks, talked about strategies for organizations in transition during the Pandemic.

    Companies Pivot! Leadership teams are discussing, reflecting, analyzing, diagnosing and making
    critical decisions about the future of their organizations. The people dimension is often important if not critical in these pivots and there are high expectations that the HR function participates and even
    shapes these discussions. The strategic changes in business call for reimagining the future workforce, the critical capabilities, the way work is organized and match talent supply with demand.

    Attendees gained an understanding of:

    • Discovering the key elements of ‘one’ approach to strategic workforce planning
    • Business acumen – understanding how changes in the business strategy translates into a strategic workforce plan
    • Positioning the HR function as a strategy and transformation driver and shaper of the future workforce