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Qualified Candidates for Biotech & Life Science Firms

    January 10, 2018

    BAHREC has recently been contacted about a reduction in force due to bankruptcy at Dextera Surgical.  If you are seeking qualified candidates in the Biotech space you may want to contact Jaymie DuBois.  Contact information is listed below:

    Profile:  20 yr old public company - Class III & Class II surgical devices for minimally invasive surgery.

    Contact person is me, Jaymie DuBois - 650-346-9372 / &/or 

    (or Bob Newell, VP of Finance & CFO;  

    Positions impacted (R&D, Operations, Quality, & Sales). Complete resume book also available.

    1. CNC Set-Up Operator
    2. Assembler/CNC Set-up Operator
    3. Quality Engineer 
    4. Engineering Technician I
    5. R&D Staff Engineer
    6. Manager, IT & Network Administration
    7. Quality Control Technician – Lead 
    8. R&D Engineer Intern--contractor
    9. Regional Sales Exec - Southeast Region / based in Atlanta
    10. Clinical Sales Exec - MidWest / based in Columbus, OH

    The Company Profile:

    Dextera Surgical designs and manufactures proprietary stapling devices that enable the advancement of minimally invasive surgical procedures. In the U.S., surgical staplers are routinely used in more than one million minimally invasive laparoscopic, video-assisted or robotic-assisted surgical procedures annually.The company’s signature proprietary technology, the MicroCutter 5/80, is the world’s first and only five-millimeter surgical stapler that articulates to 80 degrees in each direction. As the smallest-profile articulating stapler available today, the MicroCutter 5/80 may reduce the amount of dissection and tissue handling required to position the stapler in confined spaces, enabling access to difficult-to-reach anatomy. 

    Dextera Surgical also markets the only automated anastomosis devices for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery on the market today: the C-Port® Distal Anastomosis Systems and PAS-Port® Proximal Anastomosis System. These products, sold by Dextera under the Cardica brand name, have demonstrated long-term reliable clinical performance for more than a decade.