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Member Network and Communications Resources

    BAHREC LinkedIn Group


    One of the fundamental goals of BAHREC has been to provide networking opportunities for HR professionals. Our events, programs, mixers, roundtables, and mentorship opportunities provide the foundation for those networking opportunities. We have integrated some online tools to facilitate networking between members – that supplement our live events, information sharing and informal networking within the group. To that extent, we have established a BAHREC LinkedIn Group as a secure online networking tool for you, our BAHREC members.

    Getting LinkedIn to BAHREC: Examples of Networking on the BAHREC LinkedIn Group

    • You're researching a program or resources and want to network with other BAHREC members who have experience with them. Under the Members page of the BAHREC LinkedIn Group, you can do a keyword search for that topic across all members profiles and then target your research efforts based on the results.
    • You recently attended a conference and have some interesting industry trends or insights to share with other BAHREC members. Under the Discussions page of the BAHREC LinkedIn Group, you can post comments or questions, and then get notified when others respond to your posting.
    • You recently read an interesting article related to HR or people and human capital strategies and wish to share it with other BAHREC members. You can post a link to any online article or website under the News page of the BAHREC LinkedIn Group for viewing and comments for all BAHREC members.
    • You're hiring an HR professional and want to target your recruiting efforts. You can post free online job listings under the Jobs tab of the BAHREC LinkedIn Group that are only viewable by BAHREC members.

    Accessing the BAHREC LinkedIn Group

    • The BAHREC LinkedIn Group is open to BAHREC members only
    • New BAHREC members will receive an invitation to join the LinkedIn Group. Others who meet the membership criteria can join by following this link.
    • Once you’re a member of the BAHREC LinkedIn Group, you can access it from the “Groups” drop-down menu located on the left side of your personal LinkedIn Profile page. Alternatively, you access it directly at this link.

    Overview of Features (tabs on the BAHREC LinkedIn Group website)

    • Members: Search for members by name or keyword. View their online profiles. Send them personal email messages (members may opt-out of receiving personal emails).
    • Discussions: Post questions or comments to the group for other BAHREC members to view and respond to online.
    • News: Post links to relevant news articles for members to view and discuss online.
    • Jobs: Post free job posting that are only accessible to BAHREC members.
    • Settings: Manage your group settings. You can choose whether you wish to receive daily or weekly email digests of all activity on the group (e.g., discussions, news, job postings, etc.) or no emails at all. Choose whether you wish to allow other members to be able to contact you directly via personal email. Choose whether you’d like to show the BAHREC group logo on your LinkedIn profile page. Change the email address where you’d like to receive BAHREC LinkedIn Group messages.

    Rules & FAQ

    • Members are prohibited from using the BAHREC LinkedIn Group for solicitation purposes.
    • The BAHREC LinkedIn Group, including subscription requests, discussions, and other online content, is monitored by the BAHREC Communications Committee.
    • At this time, you cannot directly post attachments to the BAHREC LinkedIn Group, however you can post links to any article or document on the web.
    • The BAHREC website is a separate entity from the BAHREC LinkedIn Group. You are responsible for managing your LinkedIn account, including your email preferences, online profile, and group settings. Your general LinkedIn account settings (including email and passwords) will not be affected by joining the BAHREC LinkedIn Group. You can also leave the BAHREC LinkedIn Group (or any LinkedIn group) at any time.