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Leading In A Virtual World


    BAHREC March Dinner Meeting
    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 5:30 – 8:30 pm

    Leading In A Virtual World

    Barbara Miller
    Artemis Management and Virtual Connection

    LOCATION: SRI International, Menlo Park, 333 Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park

    About Our Program

    Organizations are working in a global world with dispersed work groups, telecommuters and staff who have flexible work schedules. Managers are being challenged to manage staff they see on only a quarterly or annual basis. Teams have to build trust with members they may never make eye contact with. HR executives need to coach managers on how to adapt their leadership skills to this new world of work. How do you get to know individual work styles, how do you build teams; how do you provide feedback and communicate in a virtual world? What new leadership competencies, strategies and techniques do you need to learn as an HR executive, as a line manager and as a team member?

    About our Presenter

    Barbara Miller of Artemis Management is also the co-founder of Virtual Connection. She co-developed a six module, web based tool that teaches managers and teams how to thrive in a virtual work world. She has worked with AMD, Accenture, HP and many other global companies conducting virtual workshops. Barbara has been a presenter at national, regional and local conferences and professional meetings such as: NCHRA, ODN, ASTD, Global Business Network, and Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies. Barbara has 30 years of experience as an HR Director and consultant at Pinwheel Productions..