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Influencer: The Power to Change Anything


    BAHREC Monthly Dinner Meeting

    Wednesday, September 17

    Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

    Richard Lee, Richard Lee Consulting

    Bay Café Restaurant, 1875 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto (at the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course)

    5:30 Registration 

    6:30 Dinner

    7:00     Program

    8:30 Adjourn

    As HR executives, we know that one of the most important capacities you can hold is the capacity to influence behavior. Once you tap into the power of influence, you can begin to solve the problems you care about most - from the simplest to the most persistent, resistant, and profound challenges you can imagine. Richard Lee returns to BAHREC following a very highly rated program in 2005 on Crucial Conversations. Please join us for this fast-paced, interactive introduction to the new program, Influencer, by the same folks who brought you Crucial Conversations. Based on over 20 years of ongoing research -- from a Fortune 500 exec who brought a new product to market in a third the time of her predecessors, a tribal leader in Africa who eliminated a deadly disease, to the founder of a San Francisco conglomerate who transforms the most notorious ex-cons into productive citizens. Find out how they have built strategies to overwhelm the problem.

    About Our Presenter

    Richard Lee is one of the first few Master Trainers in the country for VitalSmarts™,Crucial Conversations® and Crucial Confrontations™, Richard has led over 150 of these programs and was the top Principal Associate for VitalSmarts in 2005. Through his consulting practice, Richard has worked extensively with some of the best companies and top management teams in Silicon Valley and around the world including Cisco, Genentech, Sun, eBay, and over 50 other Bay Area companies and throughout the world. He has developed a pragmatic yet energizing approach to building these skills for executives, managers and professionals. Prior to starting his firm in 1994, Richard headed up Management and Organization Development at Silicon Graphics, 3Com, Advanced Micro Devices and Bellin Hospital. Richard holds a M.S. in Management & Organization Development from the University of Wisconsin.