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Ending the Wage and Hour Class Wars: The Total Wage and Hour Compliance Initiative


    BAHREC Dinner Meeting
    Wednesday,  May 21,  5:30 – 8:30 pm 

    Ending the Wage and Hour Class Wars: The Total Wage and Hour Compliance Initiative 
    Garry Mathiason, Founding Senior Partner and Vice Chair, Littler Mendelson

    Are you aware of the size and impact of the wage and hour compliance crisis in California and across the U.S? The recent Starbucks $100 million tip-pooling judgment is just one of many examples that highlight the ever-growing impact on our organizations. But is total wage and hour compliance practicable, or even possible? Join us for an extremely original presentation based on the work of a taskforce over 18 months in the making, and vetted by over 40 leading companies. This is not a legal update, but an initiative and "how to do it" program featuring procedures and technology that are just now being deployed by some of the nation's leading employers. Like the impact of high gas prices, once wage and hour litigation costs reach a certain level, alternative and much more aggressive wage and hour compliance programs become cost effective. Key learning points include new legal issues to be considered; the newest policies being implemented by leading organizations; training opportunities and how they build compliance and defenses; how affirmative defenses and damage controls are legally possible; the role of technology in documenting workplace activities; and how to gather data necessary to convince the CEO and Board that it should devote the resources necessary for near total wage and hour compliance.

    Garry Mathiason is an attorney and an expert in labor relations law. He is a founding senior partner and Vice Chair of Littler Mendelson , the nation's largest employment and labor law firm. He is the founder and Chair of the Board of Employment Law Learning Technologies. For more than 25 years, Mr. Mathiason has represented employers in defending employment law class action litigation, harassment and discrimination claims, wrongful termination cases, and unfair labor practice proceedings. He is widely recognized as a leading authority on employment law trends in the United States. He is Chair of the Open Compliance and Ethics (OCEG) Employment Law Domain, a national organization setting standards and guidelines for legal compliance.