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COVID-19 Resources

    As we chart new territory related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect on the local, state, domestic and international economy, BAHREC is committed to providing topical information as a resource for members and our community.  Listed below are current resources and links to current information on the subject.  What we cover:

    • General Resources
    • Federal, State & Local Bay Area Resource
    • Leadership Resources

    General Resources

    SHRM Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources (Nationally Focused) -

    CalSHRM Resources (National, State & Local Focused)

    Johnson & Dugan, Alcorn Law,

    At BAHREC we are very fortunate to have great sponsors who can provide a wealth of information on a variety of subjects related to COVID-`9.  Listed below are some resources related to their specific areas.

    Johnson & Dugan (Benefits)

    Johnson & Dugan website page dedicated to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Resources: coronavirus-resources/

    Leave, Furlough or Lay-Off Benefits - The Department of Labor (DOL) Q&A page is highly recommended to find guidance on the rules for the Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave: a-questions

    CARES Impact on Employee Benefits - Provided by Navia Benefits of-the-cares-act-on-fsas-hsas-hras-and- related-services/

    Small Business Grants - Small business may be eligible for emergency grants of up to $10,000 to cover immediate operating costs. For more information:

    Alcorn Law (Immigration Law)

    Alcorn Immigration Law is the fastest-growing immigration law firm in Silicon Valley and recognized as the 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entrepreneur Immigration Services.” Alcorn’s mission to provide expert legal representation that empowers individuals to overcome the barriers of borders and pursue their dreams is evidenced in their remarkable 95% approval rating.

    Here is a link to Sophie's recent podcast on Immigration & COVID-19 -

    Updated April 22nd You Tube video from Sophie explaining the current administrations position on immigration into the US.

    Federal Resources

    Families First Coronavirus Response Act [FFCRA] (H.R. 6201) - FFCRA currently expands the Family Medical Leave Act to allow emergency leave and requiring almost all employers to provide emergency paid sick time.

    These significant changes enacted at light speed (at least for Congress) generated numerous questions from Human Resources professionals, prompting the Department of Labor to issue (and seemingly update almost daily) FAQ’s regarding this new law. pandemic/ffcra-questions.

    On April 1, 2020, the same day the FFCRA took effect, the DOL also issued 124 pages of regulations further explaining the FFCRA, and the questions continue. es/WHD/Pandemic/FFCRA.pdf

    Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act [CARES] (H.R. 748) - The CARES act is legislation that was passed into law to provide relief to those who are impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.  This unprecedented “stimulus package” designed to, amongst other things, buttress the state unemployment insurance programs swamped by the millions of previously unforeseen layoffs and furloughs.

    State Resources

    Currently under consideration and bills that BAHREC is tracking:  

    Paid Family Leave benefits (SB 943) - A bill designed to expand the Paid Family Leave benefits.  Here is an article that explains some of the proposed legislation.

    Employees Time Off (SB 1383) - expand protected leave for school-related closures during public emergencies. 

    Statewide emergencies: mitigation (AB 2887) - Though this bill deals with a variety of issues associated with COVID-19 issues across the state, there are provisions in the bill to require “public health emergency” paid sick leave statewide.

    ...Stay tuned.

    Local Resources

    The Bay Area Council - The Bay Area Council, a Bay Area focused group, made up of business and civic leadership, provides up to date information for Bay Area employers on COVID 19 issues To access their resources go to:

    The Bay Area Council provides information on:

    • Local buisiness responses and actions related to COVID-19 and Shelter-In-Place orders.
    • Health & Community Guidelines
    • Shelter in Place Orders by Bay Area County
    • Employer Resources
    • Resources for Working Remotely
    • Economic Insights, Transportation, Housing and other information

    Leading in Times of Crisis

    As many in our profession have already discovered, the current pandemic has and will continue to change the work environment now and into the future.  At BAHREC, we plan to address this issue head on as it is important that HR lead.  Listed below are related articles and information on HR Leadership.  

    CalSHRM One Voice Article, 4/6/20 - Crisis or Opportunity, Preparing for the New Nortmal, This is a great article from BAHREC's president, David Swanson, on the future of leadership and the role HR will play.  Link to One Voice article.  

    Economist Article, 3/24/20 - The importance of people people.  The coronavirus crisis thrusts corporate HR chiefs into the spotlight - In a pandemic, a chief people officer can make or break a company

    Distant Socializing

    Wharton Ready Livecast Series -

    The Wharton Ready Livecast Series, powered by Wharton faculty, is a new series of conversations brought to you by Wharton Executive Education. Every Tuesday this spring, Wharton brings you live, concise, and timely updates on how to respond to the new COVID-19 business reality.

    Please join us for a quick weekly boost of business knowledge to fuel your day and help you be Wharton ready for what comes next.

    BAHREC Resources

    1.Coronavirus Corporate Preparedness: Access a snapshot view of social containment strategies being adopted by corporates and how they are reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic

    2.Coronavirus Corporate Preparedness–Paid Leave –Federal and California State Stimulus as well as an insight into special initiatives introduced by the largest employers in the US