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    The Millennial Turnover Myth

    The Millennial Turnover Myth: Why Young Talent Really Decides to Leave

    By David Swanson      April 15, 2015   TLNT

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    A World Without Performance Ratings

    I would be amiss if I did not highlight some of the key points from our last BAHREC program featuring John Radford and Linda Aumuso of Radford Aon/Hewitt.

    On November 13th John and Linda spoke to our group about the outlook for compensation in 2014...and as usual they didn't let us down.  After enjoying a great venue and networking with over 50 colleagues we sat down to listen to John and Linda.

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    Gamification: It's Addicting and Can Promote Learning

    On July 17th BAHREC hosted another stellar program featuring "Gamification" or "Gamified Learning" at SAP's Palo Alto Executive Center.  The event featured Jordan Fladell of "M Level" and Max Meadow of "Slalom Consulting" discussing the benefits of gaming as a method of learning.  As an added benefit all attendees were provide the opportunity to download two games, developed by M Level specifically for BAHREC.

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