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Is There Life After HR?

    By Nancy Nelson

    It's Day 3# of SHRM 2015 and I am intrigued by a concurrent session "Is There Life After HR?" So often we are focused on our career development within HR...but are we thinking about what we want to do after HR?

    Arte Nathan was the head of HR for the Wynn Resorts, and he held the top HR job...a VERY big job involving the opening of casinos in Macau and other exotic locals. He was also quite active in SHRM, serving on national committees and the SHRM board. He worked 24/7 for many years. One day, he decided it was over, that he didn't want to do the top HR job anymore. But what to do now? What do you do when it's over, either because you made the choice or someone else made it for you?

    The key, according to Arte, is to look at the skills and experiences you've gained in HR and figure out how to apply them in new ways. He told the story of a group of HR colleagues and their life after HR. One wrote a book on HR basics and publishes a weekly blog on leadership. Another started a foundation. Still another became an assistant principal at a school. You get the idea -- HR skills are very transferable.

    As for Arte, he is now the executive in residence for UNLV's Resort Management program. He teaches the capstone course in the program and is planning a series of online modules via a mobile app.

    I thank Arte and SHRM for providing a forum for us to share ideas on this most important topic. Let's keep the conversation going...what are you doing to plan for your life after HR?

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