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HR Symposium Summary: Communication, Decision Making, Culture and Business Knowledge Keys to Success

    Today at the HR Symposium the topics of discussion focused on growth and leadership.  Something many of us are struggling with today.

    The first session featured a conversation with Brian McAndrews and Kristen Robinson, CEO and Chief People officer at Pandora.

    In their dialogue three key elements were featured relating to growth.  They stated they they and their executive team are focusing on Communication, Decision Making and Culture as ways to attract and retain talent.

    They felt that these three elements were key to being able to scale their business and that culture was the blueprint they used to attract and retain talent.  They also advocated that base infrastructure needed to be clear to support the growth.

    The second session was an HR Panel featureing HR VPs and CPOs from Hitachi Data Systems, Lam Research, Plantronics and GoPro.  Facilitated by Terry Griffith of Santa Clara University, the big takeaway for me was their discussion on keeping pace with today's changing environment...especially in Silicon Valley.  

    Though much of what they discussed came as no surprise I thought I would list some of the topics they discussed that they used to keep up to date on change:

    • Their Network of HR People 
    • Business Publications like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes
    • Professional associations like the Chapman Group
    • Associations that their CEOs belong to

    In all, the Symposium hit the mark on reinforcing the core concepts of obtaining and substaining a good career...networking and professional development.  We at BAHREC are strong believers in both of these concepts (our organization was founded on these principals) and hope that as a member you take full advantage of these topics by attending BAHREC events.