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Legislative Visit to the State Capitol


    On Thursday I visited the State Capitol in Sacramento to meet with a few of our state representatives.  As part of the CalSHRM Legislative and HR Conference, CalSHRM sent 73 HR professionals to discuss important employment and labor issues.  Here is a quick summary

    • Veteran’s preference AB 1383

    Did you know that you can extend voluntary preferential hiring treatment to male Vietnam era vets but not veterans of any other conflict?  AB 1383 would amend state law to allow employers to provide preferntial treatment to all veterans, no matter the conflict.  Considering that unemployment of Iraq and Afganistan vets is twice the national average, passage of the bill would allow employers the opportunity to give back to those who served our country.  

    • Workflex AB 1038

    Commuting to work is impossible, you would like to coach your daughter's soccer team on Fridays, and your parents could use some help around the house.  Wouldn't a flexible work schedule be benefitcial?  For employers with non-exempt employees the ability to offer flexible schedules is cumbersome and almost impossible, let alone costly due to California's unique overtime laws.

    AB 1038 would;  

    • allow employees to voluntarily request flexible work schedules
    • modify California labor code so employees requesting flexible schedules would waive daily overtime requirements 

    Surprisingly opposition to the bill is coming from unionized labor as they feel that this bill errodes their ability to attract employees.  If they have this right, why do they need unions?

    • CFRA changes SB 406

    CFRA or the California Family Rights Act is one of the most complex leave laws in the nation.  Not only does it exceed FMLA provisions, but the State Legislature plans to change it again.  Some of the proposed changes:  lower the employee threshold from 50 to 5 employees, expand the list of eligible family members redefine the term "parent" and eliminate age requirments associated with leave rights to take care of children.   

    Though as Human Resource professionals we support leaves and leave laws, it is the opinion of CalSHRM and SHRM that this legislation goes a bit too far.  

    If you are interested in legislative advocacy, please contact me.  BAHREC, SHRM and CalSHRM have some great opportunities to take an active part in shaping Labor and Employment practices in the state.

    David Conmy


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