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Legislative Upate

    Legislative Update
    David Conmy, President & VP of Government Affairs
    This year I have assumed the role of VP of Government Affairs for BAHREC in addition to my responsibility as President.  I am enthusiastic to take on the role and, as I have in the past, I plan to represent the views of Human Resources professionals, BAHREC, SHRM and CalSHRM at the state and national levels.
    In this role my goal is to keep you apprised of important political topics that affect the business environment now and in the future.  We can either be advocates trying to affect change or victims having to enforce and police laws that affect our workplace.  Your support of BAHREC allows our voice on important topics to be heard. 
    Here are a few updates.
    National Level Legislation - U.S. House of Representatives Vote Anticipated Thursday on Resolution to Block NLRB’s "Ambush" Election Rule
    You may have been following the NLRBs attempt to change union election rules, also referred to as “Ambush” election rules.  Though no system is perfect, SHRM opposes the NLRB attempt to change current election rules. I concur with SHRM that this change would not allow employers enough time to respond and educate employees about issues critical for an election.
    On March 4, the Senate passed S. J. Res. 8, a SHRM-supported resolution to block the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB’s) ambush election rule, by a vote of 53-46.  The House will now consider this resolution to block the NLRB rule (vote was set for Thursday, March 19). 
    SHRM has a great tool for you to keep in touch with up-to-date legislation and remain an advocate as it relates to employment issues.  If you wish to stay in touch with this or other legislative issues you can download SHRM’s legislative advocacy app at:  
    State Level Legislation - New Year…New Bills
    With each new year comes new bills in the state.  Never to be outdone, California often leads the country in new and unique employment law legislation.
    For 2015, along with CalSHRM, I will be keeping an eye on the following bills:
    • AB 1038 (Workflex)  - This bill, which has made several appearances in the State Assembly is being introduced again.  The main emphasis of the bill is to allow employees to have the ability to voluntarily “flex” their work time without employers having to pay overtime.  This law can be very beneficial to employees and employers, but the nature of the bill would change long standing wage and hour laws in California.  
    • SB 406 (CFRA expansion)  - This bill would expand the California Family Rights Act to apply to employers with more than five employees (instead of 50) and expand the class of family members for whom leave may be taken because of a serious health condition.  Though well intentioned the bill expands leave laws that are one of the most liberal in the US and puts an exceptional burden on small employers.
     There are a few other bills related to minimum wage, veterans, gender pay equity and kin care.  I will keep you informed.
    In April, I plan to attend the CalSHRM State Legislative conference and speak to our elected representatives about these and other bills.  If you are interested in advocacy please plan on attending the conference.  Make sure you register for the Legislative track.  You can register for the Legislative conference at:
    We are truly an occupation that looks for both beneficial business conditions to promote job growth and fair and equal treatment of all employees.  Human Resource professionals are in a rare position to speak about both issues and advocate balance to our elected officials.
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