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Message from the President

    Our goal, as a volunteer organization serving the senior human resource executive and leader community, is to provide the best programming and networking opportunities to keep you at the top of your game.  As our existence relies on members like you, I want to ensure we are providing you with frequent and up to date information.  

    Membership Renewal
    Last year we kicked off, for the first time ever at BAHREC, automatic renewal of your annual membership fees.  If you elected to have automatic renewals your annual fees will be automatically charged to your credit card this year.  We have decided not to increase membership fees for 2015.
    We have heard from some members that they did not realize that membership was automatically renewing.  If this applies to you, and you do not want automatic renewal, please contact Linda Greco & Brenda Rogers.  
    Strategic HR Programs
    You may not know, but BAHREC is the best resource for executive level HR programs.  Brenda Rogers, our Vice President of Professional Development and Marketing has assembled a fantastic slate of programs for 2015.  
    We had a great panel in January at NetApp discussing "Executive Mentoring” (see picture below) and February’s program on "Millennials and the Impact on our Talent Strategies” on February 18th was thought-provoking!  For a full listing of upcoming programs please visit the BAHREC website at:
    SHRM Certification
    If you currently hold a PHR, SPHR or a GPHR certification through HRCI, you now have the opportunity to receive the new SHRM certification…but your window of opportunity is limited.  Nancy Nelson, BAHRECs SHRM Liaison, Certification and Foundation Vice President will be providing more information about certification developments and what you need to do regarding this significant change.  Also, more information about SHRM certification can be found at:
    Government Legislation and Advocacy
    As individuals who have to execute and deliver on the variety of employment laws in the state, BAHREC has become more active in lobbying state and federal legislators on a variety of different issues.  Over the past two years, combining efforts with SHRM and CalSHRM, BAHREC has lobbied on your behalf on a variety of issues relating to paid sick time, work flex and protection of tax exemptions relating to defined contribution plans.  This year, in addition to the presidency, I have taken on the role of VP of Governmental affairs and plan to attend sessions in Sacramento and Washington D.C.
    Strategic Direction
    Last, but not least, I want to thank the board of directors for completing a 5 year strategic plan for BAHREC.  Last October, the board met to create a plan that would guide our operations.  In upcoming months I will be discussing the strategic direction of BAHREC and what we are doing to ensure our viability as an organization providing you with the best professional development and networking opportunities in the area.  Stay tuned.
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    Also, make sure you bookmark our website at:
    As always, if you have any questions of me I am always available.  Just call or send me an email.
    Best Regards,
    David Conmy
    President and VP of Government Affairs
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