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SHRM Update

    Elissa O'Brien, VP of Membership at SHRM announced recent updates relating to SHRM and SHRM's strategy in California.  Here is some information:

    • National SHRM Membership is up 277,803 members, an increase of over 4%.  83% of SHRM members are extremely satisified with what SHRM provides.  SHRM programs being delivered in 32 countries. 
    • 2013 SHRM California Key Accomplishments:
      • New Office: 983 9th Street, Sacramento
      • Staffed with Divisional Director and One Lobbyist
      • SHRM Establisihing more California Content Materials 40 online articles; 14 toolkits, 3 how to guides, 8 express requests and 32 Q&As and a SHRM book as a primer on California employment law scheduled for publishing
      • SHRM has been making significant contributions to the California Legislative Conference
      • SHRM working with a Marketing firm to promote benefits SHRM and participation in chapters
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