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A World Without Performance Ratings

    I would be amiss if I did not highlight some of the key points from our last BAHREC program featuring John Radford and Linda Aumuso of Radford Aon/Hewitt.

    On November 13th John and Linda spoke to our group about the outlook for compensation in 2014...and as usual they didn't let us down.  After enjoying a great venue and networking with over 50 colleagues we sat down to listen to John and Linda.

    How about a world without performance ratings?  John mentioned that several well known companies have eliminated performance ratings as a way of distributing limited merit budgets.  With the continuing trend of low merit increases John informed us that companies such as Adobe, Juniper and Microsoft have eliminated performance ratings at their companies.  He suggested that in the next 5 years many of us may be facing the same issue in our companies.  Are you ready to consider this fundamental change?

    Not to be outdone, Linda addressed several compensation trends relating to short and long term incentives and presented some great ideas in ways of using these incentives as a way to direct performance in your company.   

    All-in-all it was a great meeting featuring two industry leaders that not only follow the trends, but set them.  If you missed this one you missed out on some great insights by two experts.