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SHRM Leadership Conference: Update from Capitol Hill

    This week I have been participateing in the SHRM Leadership conference in Washington, D.C. 

    Yesterday I had the opportunity, along with several chapter leaders from across the country, to present three key employer opinions on legislation and issues effecting business to our elected representatives. I had the opportunity to meet with staff members in the offices of Anna Eshoo, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. 

    The three issues that we presented to our legislators were; 

    - Maintaining current tax treatment of employee retirement accounts and benefits in the era of tax reform
    - Immigration reform including modernizing and updating e-verify and reviewing levels related to green cards
    - Comp time

    The good news, most legislators are interested in hearing a Human Resources' opinion on these issues. But, issues like comp time that challenge the sacred cow (FLSA) seem to be a bit more difficult to address. If you would like more information related to these issues, let me know. 

    As events occur at the conference, I will keep you up to date.


    David Conmy