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Gamification: It's Addicting and Can Promote Learning

    On July 17th BAHREC hosted another stellar program featuring "Gamification" or "Gamified Learning" at SAP's Palo Alto Executive Center.  The event featured Jordan Fladell of "M Level" and Max Meadow of "Slalom Consulting" discussing the benefits of gaming as a method of learning.  As an added benefit all attendees were provide the opportunity to download two games, developed by M Level specifically for BAHREC.

    As all attendees at the meeting loaded their smart phones or tablets with the app from M Level ( Jordan and Max discussed gamified learning and why it can be very successful.  It is really simple stated Jordan, "Most people spend the early part of their lives competing for grades and awards.  Then they enter the workforce.  Competition is there, but it is different.  In business you must be self motivated and there is not teacher or assistant to guide you through the process.  Learning can stagnate.  And the competition is fierce, but not for grades but promotions, pay increases and just having a job.  What gamified learning achieves is the ability to provide learning opportunities in an atmosphere that is fun and promotes competition...thus increasing learning!"

    Not to say that this concept wasn't lost on the audience.  As Jordan and Max spoke many of the attendees were playing the two games repeatedly with countdown buzzers going off as individuals logged on to the game!  Nancy Nelson, a board member and attendee, was seen playing the game several times and was overheard saying that she couldn't finish fourth.

    Brenda Rogers, VP of Program Development for BAHREC was amazed by the participation and engagement of the attendees.  Even though the game was launched weeks ahead of the program, only four people actually played the game prior to the meeting.  Introduce a little bit of competition and pride and, by the end of the meeting, over 20 attendees had played the game, repeatedly.

    So if you are looking for a great way to enhance learning at your organization look to gamification or gamified learning as a great solution.

    BAHREC would like to thank David Swanson and his staff for their excellent efforts in hosting the event at SAP.  It is a great opportunity to see some of the Bay Area's leading companies facilities up close and personal.  

    To find out more information about M Level or Slalom please contact:

    Jordan Fladell, EVP M Level. or Max Meadow, Practice Area Director.

    David Conmy