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Cypress Semiconductor Looking to Benchmark New Hire Orientation Practices

    To all BAHREC colleagues, I hope this note finds you all well.
    I'm currently at Cypress Semiconductor and we're planning to reinvent our Newhire Orientation program/process. Our current approach is powerpoint heavy and not very engaging. As such, it doesn't add much value. To support that effort we want to do some benchmarking with 4-5 Valley companies that do this well to see what we can learn to improve our program. Our goal is to meet with interested companies at their sites and do a walk through of their NHO program/process, goals, etc.
    If you feel your program stands out and you're willing to showcase it let me know and we can set a date for the onsite meeting. If at all possible I'd like to do the meeting in August and wouldn't expect it to last more than an hour or so. Thanks in advance and see you (I hope) at the next meeting.
    Dave Fay
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