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Recertification - Tips for Making the Process Easier

    If you are HRCI certified, you know how important it is to keep your recertification file up to date with your continuing education and other activities. Make it easy on yourself and don't wait until your recertification period is about to expire to upload your information to -- I speak from experience on this - been there, done that! Here are some tips to save your sanity:

    • Upload your activities regularly, at least monthly. If you've attended BAHREC events and don't have a pre-approval ID number, contact Nancy Nelson at for help.
    • Keep track of the kinds of recertification credits you need. For instance, if you are GPHR certified, you'll need 15 international credits included in the 60 credits needed every three years.
    • If you are missing a few credits, webinars and elearning can help. SHRM has many webinars available that are pre-approved. Just remember that there's a limit on elearning, no more than 20 credits can count toward certification.
    • Upload more credits than you need. That way, if some are not approved, you will have extra.
    • Remember that blogging on HR topics, teaching HR courses, on the job projects and leadership positions (think volunteering for the BAHREC board or a committee!) can count toward the 60 credits.
    • Did you attend an event that didn't have a pre-approved ID? You can submit it to HRCI and they may approve it after the fact. Just enter the data as requested in your online file.

    Hopefully these tips will help to keep your recertification as stress-free as possible.


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