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The "Awakened" Leader: Creating Purpose and Passion at Work


    BAHREC February Dinner Meeting
    Wednesday, February 20, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

    LOCATION: Nokia Research Center, 955 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304

    The "Awakened" Leader: Creating Purpose and Passion at Work

    Rossella Derickson & Krista Henley

    Principals, Corporate Wisdom & Directors of the South Bay Organizational Development Network

    Leaders that see into the future realize the need to create corporate cultures that attract and retain talent. Studies show that employees are more engaged when their leaders create purpose driven initiatives that connect the product or service to the greater good of society. This translates to a competitive advantage that inspires the workforce and drives solutions to global problems. This talk and the ensuing discussion will shape and even change your thinking about how to be an "awakened and socially responsible" leader.

    Rossella Derickson & Krista Henley, M.A.,LMFT, principals ofCorporate Wisdom, have translated their business and organizational psychology experience into Wisdom in the Workplace, consulting, training and coaching modules that support healthy group and company dynamics. Their classes to build business and leadership skills have been taught to CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs in High Tech, Biotech, Insurance, and many other industries including leading universities. Connecting CSR to individual, team and organizational purpose at work is a new and passionate focus area. They are the authors of Awakening Social Responsibility - A Call to Action. Rossella and Krista are the Directors of the South Bay Organizational Development Network, a leading edge forum focused on making a difference in how organizations are run in Silicon Valley.